Abeilles – Une histoire intime avec l’humanité

This collective book, written by researchers from the CNRS and INRA as well as academics, reveals the fascinating world of bees – what they have, what they are and what they do -, deciphers the links they have with nature and humanity, the dangers that threaten them and us, while addressing the scientific solutions to face them.

Une histoire intime avec l’humanité

Under the direction of Martine Regert with the participation of Martin Giurfa (CRCA-CBI).
Preface by Jean Claude Ameisen
160 pages – 24.90 €
Editor : Le cherche midi



Visit of Jean-Claude Ameisen

Jean-Claude Ameisen
Jean-Claude Ameisen – © GARO / PHANIE – AFP

The CRCA received Jean-Claude Ameisen, accompanied by his wife Fabienne and Gérard Bapt (physician, former deputy of Haute-Garonne). The researchers of the laboratory presented their research and work in progress. This day was full of exchanges and discussions!

Jean-Claude Ameisen is a french physician, immunologist and researcher in biology.  He chaired the National Ethics Committee. He is Director of the Centre d’Études du Vivant of the Institut des Humanités de Paris of Paris-Diderot University. Every saturday, he gives a radio show, “Sur les épaules de Darwin” broadcasted on France Inter.

Gérard Bapt, Jean-Claude Ameisen and Raphaël Jeanson © Photo : C. Rampon
Cédrick Florian and Jean-Claude Ameisen © Photo : C. Rampon
Mathieu Lihoreau, Jean-Claude Ameisen and Stéphane Kraus © Photo : C. Rampon
























The comics “Sciences en bulle”

The comics “Sciences en bulles” represents the scientific approach in an original, accessible and entertaining form. It gathers 12 thesis subjects presented in the form of comics, written and illustrated by the comic duo Peb & Fox.

“They carry ten times their mass!” by Hugo Merienne

Hugo Merienne, PhD student at CRCA-CBI in the CAB team, presents his work on the biomechanical study of charge transport at the Messor barbarus ant in a fun and exciting way for the Science Festival !