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In the blob, aging could be reversible!

In a new study, Audrey Dussutour, Angèle Rolland, Emilie Pasquier, Paul Malvezin, Cassandra Craig and Mathilde Dumas (CRCA-CBI) studied how the behavior of the slime mold Physarum Polycephalum, a unicellular organism, varies over the lifetime of individuals, and they showed that aging in the blob might be partially reversible.

Creation of a new team at the CRCA !

The CRCA is pleased to announce the creation of a new team by the winners of the CBI 2022 "Emergence" call : "BeeAntCE" co-directed by Mathieu Lihoreau and Antoine Wystrach.

Resource sharing is sufficient for the emergence of division of labour

Division of labour is seen in many social organisms. A study based on a theoretical model and published in the journal Nature Communications shows that resource sharing is sufficient for the emergence of the division of labour within a group of initially identical individuals.

Moving in a single file

Sheep in the field alternate graphing phases when they are static or moving slowly and phases when they are moving, at a higher speed, in most cases collectively in a single file. We investigate the rules that could explain these intermittent file movements.
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