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Research Center on Animal Cognition

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The Research Center on Animal Cognition (CRCA) is part of the Center for Integrative Biology in Toulouse (CBI Toulouse). The main goal of the CRCA is the multidisciplinary and comparative study of cognitive processing in different animal models, from invertebrates to vertebrates.

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Collective self-medication in ants.

In this study, Eniko Csata, Alfonso Pérez-Escudero, Emmanuel Laury, Gérard Latil and Audrey Dussutour (CRCA-CBI) and their collaborators studied the role of nutrition in the host-parasite system: the Argentine ant (Linepithema humile) and the entomopathogenic fungus (Metarhizium brunneum).

How digital traces promote cooperation or deception in human groups?

Today, digital traces are widely exploited by social networks and online commerce on the Internet. In this work we show that in a non-competitive context, the use of digital traces favors the emergence of cooperation in a group of individuals performing an information search task. On the contrary, when the context becomes competitive, their use favors individualistic behavior and the exchange of unreliable or misleading information between individuals.