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Research Center on Animal Cognition

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The Research Center on Animal Cognition (CRCA) is part of the Center for Integrative Biology in Toulouse (CBI Toulouse). The main goal of the CRCA is the multidisciplinary and comparative study of cognitive processing in different animal models, from invertebrates to vertebrates.

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Moving in a single file

Sheep in the field alternate graphing phases when they are static or moving slowly and phases when they are moving, at a higher speed, in most cases collectively in a single file. We investigate the rules that could explain these intermittent file movements.

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13 January 2023

Guillaume BOUISSET - PhD defense

"Remodelage des interneurones à parvalbumine et de leur matrice extracellulaire : restauration de la mémoire dans un modèle murin de la maladie d’Alzheimer"