CRCA scientific strategy

The Research Center on Animal Cognition (CRCA) is part of the Center for Integrative Biology in Toulouse (CBI Toulouse), research federation regroups five research departments. It depends on two supervisory authorities : the CNRS and the Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier university.
The main goal of the Research Center on Animal Cognition (CRCA) is the multidisciplinary and comparative study of cognitive processing in different animal models, from invertebrates to vertebrates.

  At the individual level, we are interested in perceptual processes, selective attention and learning and memory, both cue- and space-based. Understanding these phenomena requires a multidisciplinary approach combining tools from the study of animal behaviour, experimental psychology, neuroethology, neurobiology, molecular biology and modelling. Within this framework, the study of the animal brain and its associated plasticity is a priority of our institute.
  At the collective level, we are interested in the behavioural rules allowing the coordination of activities within a group, and in the emergence of complex collective behaviours through self-organization processes. We study therefore distributed cognition based on interactions and information transmission between individuals. Within this framework, we employ approaches derived from the study of animal behaviour, modelling, physics and robotics.

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The CRCA regroups 6 research teams :