Crowdfight COVID-19

As part of the fight against Covid-19, researchers from the CRCA – CBI Toulouse have set up the Crowdfight COVID-19 platform, with the aim of putting the skills of researchers not mobilized on Covid-19 at the service of mobilized researchers.


Congratulations to Aurore Avarguès-Weber !

Aurore Avarguès-Weber, researcher at the CRCA-CBI, was awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal last night for her work on bee cognition.

This distinction rewards the first works of researchers who are specialists in their field. It also represents an encouragement by the CNRS to pursue well initiated and already fruitful research.

CRCA congratulates Aurore on this great award !










Visit of Jean-Claude Ameisen

Jean-Claude Ameisen
Jean-Claude Ameisen – © GARO / PHANIE – AFP

The CRCA received Jean-Claude Ameisen, accompanied by his wife Fabienne and Gérard Bapt (physician, former deputy of Haute-Garonne). The researchers of the laboratory presented their research and work in progress. This day was full of exchanges and discussions!

Jean-Claude Ameisen is a french physician, immunologist and researcher in biology.  He chaired the National Ethics Committee. He is Director of the Centre d’Études du Vivant of the Institut des Humanités de Paris of Paris-Diderot University. Every saturday, he gives a radio show, “Sur les épaules de Darwin” broadcasted on France Inter.

Gérard Bapt, Jean-Claude Ameisen and Raphaël Jeanson © Photo : C. Rampon
Cédrick Florian and Jean-Claude Ameisen © Photo : C. Rampon
Mathieu Lihoreau, Jean-Claude Ameisen and Stéphane Kraus © Photo : C. Rampon
























4th CRCA PhD Students Symposium

This year, the meeting will be taking place on 9 October in the IBCG conference room. This day will be an opportunity to learn about the various projects carried out in the lab. In addition, two internationally renowned scientists are invited for plenary conferences:

  • Sylvia Cremer

“Pathogen resistance and tolerance, hygiene and social interactions in social insects”

  • Yvonne Nolan

Hippocampal plasticity, neurogenesis, and associated learning and memory”

Each talk session will be complemented with coffee/discussion breaks and lunch will be offered at noon (registration needed to anticipate stocks). The symposium will be completed by a diner. Everyone can attend upon registration (cost must be covered by the participants).

Further information and registration form for the lunch will be available soon on the dedicated website:


3rd CRCA PhD Students Symposium

It will take place on 26th of september in Toulouse at the Paul Sabatier university in the conference room of the IBCG.

On this occasion, PhD students ans post-doctorants fellows will present their work in short talks.

We will have the pleasure to welcome two internationally renowned resdearchers :

  • Dr Romain Libbrecht (University of Mainz, Germany) :

“Understanding the organization and evolution of social life in insect societies”

  • Pr Richard Morris (University of Edinburgh, Scotland) :

“Understanding of memory mechanisms at the level of synapses, neurons, brain systems, and the underlying physiology that plays out in relevant networks”

Detailed program at:

Symposium website: