Trannoy Lab: Drosophila Fight Club – Team

Séverine Trannoy

CNRS Researcher, Principal Investigator

I received a Master and Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Jussieu, Paris 6. I did my Ph.D. in Thomas Preat's lab, at the ESPCI, Paris, where I studied the molecular and neuronal circuits involved in olfactory memory in Drosophila. Then, I did my post-doctoral research at Harvard Medical School, Boston, in Edward A. Kravitz's lab, where I studied the neural basis of the innate and yet complex aggressive behavior in Drosophila. As a post-doctoral fellow, I focused my research on understanding the behavioral consequences of aggressive interactions, and how these can be implemented in the brain. In October 2018, I have been appointed CNRS researcher at the Research Center for Animal Cognition in Toulouse, France and started my independent research program.

Nolwenn Peron

Master second-year

She attained her undergraduate degree in Life Sciences at the University of Besancon. During her Master second-year internship, she manipulates the neuronal transmission from specific groups of cells to study their roles in male-male aggressive behavior.

Léa Bihl

Master first-year

She is an undergraduated student in Biological Sciences at the University of Toulouse. During her internship, she studies the role of a single pair of neurons on both male-male aggressive behavior and male-female social interactions.

Magalie Uriot

Master first-year (starting April 2020)

She is an undergraduated student in Biological Sciences at the University of Metz. In the laboratory, she investigates how of a specific group of neurons regulates male-male aggressive behavior.


Undergraduate students:

  • Camille Martinie (April-Mai 2019)
  • Jeanne Legros (June-July 2019)