Masters and PhD programs

The Master Biology and Health, program “Neurosciences, Behaviour, Cognition (NBC)” offers advanced knowledge and training in topics regarding the mechanisms involved in cognitive neurosciences, cognition, ethology and collective phenomena in living systems. The training program is intended to prepare students who desire to continue in research (PhD program) or to access a job related to biological/medical sciences.


For further information, click on the following links:

Master 1: http://www.masterbiosante.ups-tlse.fr/le-m1-322771.kjsp?RH=1298890088210&RF=1298890060852

Master 2: http://www.masterbiosante.ups-tlse.fr/m2-neurosciences-comportement-cognition-610626.kjsp?RH=1298890088210


The CRCA teams belong to the doctoral schools SEVAB and BSB from the Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier University.